Latex ladies only

The introduction of women-only carriages has been a resounding success, with more and more operators offering the service; the early morning and late night commute becoming far less fearful for many females.

The only problem is that once one group gets special privileges, it opens the doors (so to speak) for others to muscle in on the action. Unfortunately my application for a special ‘English blokes in their 30s’ carriage fell on deaf ears; however rather bizarrely, a service exclusively for silicone sex dolls was apparently granted.

latex ladies

Terrific truck

Not a bad looking truck you may think. If indeed lumbering lorries are you thing.

great truck

The more obsessive among you may even go as far as saying it looks great – but you’d be wrong. Or at least that’s how maker Mitsubishi Fuso feels; its truck fit only for the formidable rank of ‘super great’.

super great truck