Whale for sale

With the prospect of Japan getting the go-ahead to resume commercial whaling in the not so necessarily distant future, the people in power are desperately trying to get rid of the nation’s growing stock of scientific research by-products – or whale meat as it’s more commonly known. School children in certain prefectures are being served it for lunch, one restaurant chain is offering whale burgers, and, in a rather desperate measure, dogs are allegedly being fed the stuff, whether they like it or not.

Yet as the sale of the meat helps in part to fund Japan’s very important whale-related research, it’s imperative that the stuff is sold, with these brightly coloured and jolly looking tins surely tempting both dedicated devourers and the uninitiated alike.

Japanese whale

And with the addition of an unheralded ‘buy one get as many as you want free’ offer, who could possibly resist? Ideal as a talking point when surreptitiously served at a dinner party, or alternatively as a light snack, perhaps with a bit of veal.

(click image for bigger mammal meal)

Brace yourself

There are a plethora of pitiable award ceremonies in Japan, with those for the best leathernist, best jeanist and nail queen immediately springing to mind. Yet even such shameless product promotions passed off as prizes pale into insignificance in the credibility stakes when compared to the recent Beautiful E-line Award – an honour bestowed upon a (preferably pretty) young lady judged to have best promoted the importance of orthodontics. The accolade funded, funnily enough, by the Japan Association of Adult Orthodontics.

This year’s proud winner being 20-year-old actress and current flavour of the month, Aya Ueto.

aya ueto

A young lady who, it has to be said, does have lovely teeth.

aya ueto

Tasty Tokyo

The proprietor of the restaurant pictured below appears desperate to prove that there’ll be no foreign or flavourless food served on the premises whatsoever. In fact, so fantastic is the fare on offer, that the lack of a double ‘n’ in dining is simply unthinkable.

tasty japanese

(click image for tastier Taisho)

Lacy latex

The popularity of silicone sex dolls appears to know no bounds, with rental services, mannequin staffed ‘motels’ and a magazine devoted to the subject adequately catering for the vast majority of lusty latex lovers. Yet for those wanting to combine a predilection for both plastic partners and pantyhose, support has been scant to say the least, with furtive fittings and surreptitious shopping trips the only form of release.

Not any more though, thanks to the dubious delights of ‘LoveDoll’s Pantyhose’, a website offering all manner of lacy latex loveliness, including this rather startled looking creation.

silicone doll
click for a pantyhose peek

And these two racy replicas, offering endless possibilities – apparently.

endless love
more ogling opportunities

However none of them can hold a torch to this bewitching beauty in blue.

silicone sizzler

For similarly sizzling shots, the website can be found here, although it goes without saying that it might not be entirely suitable during office hours.

Loincloths for the ladies

The humble loincloth (or fundoshi) has recently been making something of a comeback, with swashbuckling salary men joining senior shoppers in the loincloth line; the distinctive garment even earning the moniker ‘power underwear’, although this is purely in regards to business matters and in no way related to pulling or, erm, poking prowess.

However with increasing numbers of men now once again brazenly baring their buttocks, women have begun to have pangs of retro resentment – so much so in fact that a line of ladies loincloths has hit the shelves. A collection catering for a wide variety of derriere displaying devotees, including the bold,


the bashful,


and the bad English buff.

loincloth literature

These and other fundoshi proving to be fun, feisty even, but not necessarily flattering.

loincloths for ladies

Intercourse indifference

“44 percent of the people who said they weren’t having much sex felt that having a relationship with the opposite sex was ‘very tiresome’ or ‘tiresome’.”

Figures from a report by the Japan Family Planning Association after interviewing 936 people aged between 16 and 49.

Such forlorn findings appear to confirm that Japan’s already low birth rate is set to continue falling, and the nation’s unenviable position at the bottom of the ‘who’s getting it the most’ league table looks very secure indeed – apathy rather than ‘action’ very much the name of the game.

going down?

A sorry state of affairs that makes the self-explanatory term sexless marriage – coined in the early 1990’s – seem more appropriate than ever, with another recent poll overseen by the snappily named Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development suggesting that the situation is only set to get worse.

Conducted between March and April this year, the survey asked 3,900 newly hired employees what they would do if they were ordered to do overtime on a day they had already scheduled a date, with a whopping 85% of them saying they would work – the highest figure since the survey began in 1972.

A situation that perhaps unexpectedly means that sexless marriages could well become a thing of the past, as if people aren’t dating, and therefore not having sex, then presumably they’ll never get to the marriage stage and stop having sex because they won’t have been having it in the first place.

Or something like that.