Hard Gay honoured

Maybe it’s because of his pioneering promotion of PVC hot pants, or alternatively his tireless campaign against long-standing stereotypes; but either way, television celebrity Hard Gay has at last got some public recognition after being chosen as this year’s “Most Topical Figure”.

Not one to openly court publicity, the introverted and reserved star was nevertheless pictured as he was introduced to both the audience and Environment Minister Yuriko Koike prior to receiving the award.

hard gay

Update: Whilst nominees and the voting procedure are heavily guarded secrets, it has been rumoured that ‘the construction worker’ from 1970’s beat combo The Village People amassed the same number of votes as Hard Gay. The TV personality allegedly only getting the nod after a flurry of backroom activity and clandestine deal making.

I spy

Computer Associates International Inc. has recently formed an anti-spyware squad as part of its ongoing effort to raise awareness amongst computer users. And in a bid to give the promotion maximum exposure, the organisation has chosen TV celebrity Kaori Manabe as leader of its ‘spyware extermination squad’.

manabe kaori

Whilst the move may initially look like a cynical attempt to gain maximum publicity from a pretty face, Manabe-san was apparently picked due to the popularity of her blog. The young woman further demonstrating her credentials by wearing an official hat and saying, “I want to find out if people around me are taking anti-spyware measures.”

Which all in all makes for a very worthy cause indeed. Plus with the addition of Manabe-san on board, it’s something a large number of people will be keen to get behind and vigorously support.

kaori manabe

Pancake pushers

Whilst Japan has a zero tolerance approach in regards to drug use, it doesn’t mean that people are lacking in knowledge when it comes to illegal substances.

Far from it in fact. This ‘My Little Syringe’ and syrup set* for example giving youngsters an early chance to get acquainted with intravenous drug paraphernalia.

japanese drug paraphernalia

*Strap sold separately.

Cat custody

Despite a crazed feline biting off the toes of an elderly woman, the animal protection centre where the captured beast was being held received over 160 calls from cat lovers, pleading that the toe loving tabby’s life be spared.

japanese socks

Yet even with such a history, officials at the centre initially allowed the animal to play with visitors whilst a decision was being made. However perhaps not surprisingly, they quickly noticed that the cat was untamed; although whether this had anything to do with the animal looking menacingly at guests’ fingers or toes wasn’t disclosed.

Based on these findings, the protection centre decided to wash its hands of the feline and give it a new home. An official saying, “The general public was worried about the future of the cat. Considering the opinions of those who did not want the cat put down, we decided to give it to an animal lover.”

nasty cat

Rather them than me.

Maid in Japan

Whilst the latest Harry Potter movie is currently pulling in millions at the box office, the biggest sleeper hit of the winter could well be ‘Popular Maids’.

maid japan

It’s a heart-warming tale set in a small Tokyo cafe, and with a heady mix of tea and titillation, it will surely go down well with film lovers all over the world.