Booking bonus

As the economy continues to stumble, retailers are trying ever harder to persuade potential customers to part with their cash. In fact things have moved so far that the mantra of ‘buy one, get one free’ is decidedly old hat.

Now it’s ‘book a room, bag a broad’.


Tanuki terror

The ever popular and harmless looking tanuki is a familiar sight outside shops and restaurants. The little chap welcoming customers with his cute face and comedy potbelly. Plus, it goes without saying, his exposed genitalia. And yes, they are his testicles hanging down to the floor.

Yet one poor specimen appears to have suffered at the hands of a rogue scientist. An experiment that left the poor animal like this.


A deranged and disturbing looking beast for sure.

Unforeseen scenery

The gentleman on the left is either using his hand to explain something, or alternatively as a barrier to shield his eyes from his companion’s rather unladylike posture.

japanese transvestite cosplay

I’ll let you decide which one.

Yasukuni yahoos

The controversy surrounding Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine is well documented. The enshrinement of Class A war criminals coupled with Prime Minister Koizumi’s yearly visits make it an issue of extreme tension (to say the least) between Japan and its neighbours.

yasukuni shrine

Meaning Yasukuni is a magnet for right-wing fanatics and revisionists alike. And needles to say the chaps below weren’t singing the latest Hamasaki Ayumi single, or knocking out a rousing rendition of ‘Give Peace A Chance’.

yasukuni nationalists