Dog dye

For any toy poodle owners out there who want to make their posing pooches even more preposterous, help is finally at hand, as Japanese company Merry Do Beauty Products has teamed up with Pet Esthe to sell pet dye.

pet hair dye

And, with images as mind boggling as this, there is no need whatsoever for any pet related pun.

Upskirt umbrella

Professors opt for strategically placed mirrors, and teachers prefer elaborate sandal and camera combinations. But in the murky world of upskirt peeking, policemen it seems favour James Bond-like camera equipped umbrellas. As over the weekend, 46-year-old sergeant Masafumi Endo was arrested for allegedly trying to film up a woman’s skirt with his ‘upgraded’ umbrella.

The enterprising Endo it turns out had attached a camera to the shaft of his umbrella, allowing him to approach his victim from behind and surreptitiously take pictures. But during questioning the sleazy sergeant admitted to the allegations, saying, “I did it for the first time. I’m sorry.”

Senior police official Eichi Onodera also expressed regret over the incident, stating, “We would like to express our apologies to the victim and the prefectural residents for the incident.” He also said that Endo was hardworking and had never caused any trouble before.

Or simply hadn’t been caught.

Anime advertising

Some people will consider it a crying shame, but despite living in Japan and being exposed to it everyday, I have little or no interest in anime. And my knowledge of it is arguably even less. But that said, an anime advertising campaign involving a bevy of young beauties dressed in black bat-like costumes is very different. It’s not only interesting, but also worthy of a few poorly taken pictures.

Japanese anime girls

This procession weaved its way around the streets of Akihabara, and not surprisingly drew quite a lot of attention. So much so in fact that their bat-like beauty warranted a visit by the masked man himself. Although perhaps not the one you are thinking of.

japanese anime girls

But all this attention and the novel nature of the campaign didn’t mean that those involved were enjoying themselves. No, far from it.

japanese anime ladies

Vending villain

Vending machines are an ever-present part of Japan’s modern landscape. From beetles to beer, and Pepsi to panties, these mechanical merchants are always ready to help out. Some of the newer machines even have the ability to talk, greeting purchasers with a hearty “hello” or a friendly “how are you?”

However an as yet unidentified man in Hokkaido has found a rather unconventional use for these reliable retailers. Hiding behind them. As late on Friday night last week, a 39-year-old farmer was about to buy a beverage when the man appeared from behind the vending machine, hit the farmer in the face with a hard object, and raced off with his wallet containing 20,000 yen (100 pound) in cash.

japanese beer vending machine

But for a nice and big ice-cold beer are you willing to take the risk? I know I am.