The customer isn’t always right (update)

A few weeks ago I wrote about a gyudon restaurant owner who was arrested on suspicion of killing a complaining customer.

Earlier this week a few more details about the case were released, and 26-year-old Katsuhisa Ukon was officially charged with murder.

It seems that the murdered customer was especially vociferous and persistent with his complaints. At one time even moaning that the rice in packed meals was leaning to one side. Now regardless of how big a rice fan you are, I think that has to go down as somewhat on the petty side. In fact I wasn’t even aware that rice could be accused of leaning.

Whether it can or not remains unproven, but Ukon-san obviously thought the complaints were excessive. Even after being officially charged with murder he remained unrepentant. When questioned over his motives, he told police that, “I thought this world would be better off without him.”

And all over a bowl of this.


Home help

We get quite a lot of leaflets like this left in the post box.


It seems that this young lady (or one of her colleagues) is very kindly willing to come over to my place if I give her a call. The only problem is I’ll have to part with 15,000 yen (75 pounds) every 50 minutes if she does. Although she appears to be happy to accept a credit card if I don’t have that much cash lying around at home.

Still, at least she’s not plastic. And you never know, if there was any time left over, she’d perhaps do a spot of cleaning.

Party parts

Whether it be to celebrate Christmas or the end of the year, there is certainly no shortage of parties around this time. And whilst it’s not really my thing, fancy dress events aren’t uncommon. Or at least it would seem that way from a shop I was in earlier today.

Costumes of seemingly every variety you could imagine were available, including this rather perturbing prepubescent schoolgirl’s gym outfit.


Less disturbing and more intriguing is the bear costume pictured below. As the packaging doesn’t make it clear, I find the genital area a little worrying. Are the necessary bits part of the costume, or is the wearer expected to display his own?


Fictitious foreign felons

After taking a nap but oversleeping and waking up 5 hours after his scheduled arrival, a 34-year-old unnamed truck driver was understandably in something of a panic.

But the tried and trusted excuses of a bad stomach or heavy traffic were obviously too mundane for this imaginative young driver. As after waking up he called the police emergency line and said, “Four foreigners abducted me for some five hours.” And to add a little more detail to make the story (slightly) more believable, he went on to say that, “They asked where an expressway bus stop was at about 5:30 a.m. Someone covered my head with a paper bag from behind, and I was forced into a car.”

The call resulted in 30 officers being mobilized to find the felonious foreigners. But after more detailed questioning the police begin to suspect the tale didn’t quite add up. Especially as the driver had no noticeable injuries, despite claiming that he was eventually kicked out of a moving car at the end of his ordeal.

After further grilling the dishonest driver confessed that he concocted the story in a bid to cover-up oversleeping. Needless to say the police plan to send the case to prosecutors.

A truck driver not abducted by foreigners yesterday.