Teacher trouble

A school principal in Ushimado, Okayama Prefecture, has been arrested for circulating composite photos of a former colleague.

Tsuyoshi Hashimoto was apprehended after police caught him distributing the pictures on a road near his 34-year-old victim’s home. Mr. Hashimoto, who it would appear is a skilled user of Photoshop, had attached the fellow teacher’s face to a nude body. And if this wasn’t enough, the photograph contained the woman’s name and address, the message Come to my house, and several obscene statements which sadly weren’t disclosed.

It seems that the police were on the lookout in the area, as the victim had complained that similar pictures had been found around her home since December of last year. When questioned about his motives, the peeved principal said, “I was angry at her attitude and her language.”

The vice principal at Mr. Hashimoto’s school was shocked to hear the news, but rather surprisingly claimed, “He doesn’t have any trouble with the teacher now.” The teacher in question would perhaps beg to differ.

Pointless poll result #2

Having just arrived back from my vacation, I realized that the Sexiest celebrities poll was way past it’s sell by date, and desperately needed wrapping up. So if you’ll give me a quick drum roll, I’m pleased to announce that Japan’s sexiest celebrity is the delightful Norika Fujiwara.


Ms Fujiwara trounced the opposition, garnering an impressive 46% of the votes. Easily beating second placed songster Namie Amuro, who perhaps surprising (or there again perhaps not) only managed a rather paltry 27%. A long way back in third position were the large chested Kanou Sisters (18%). And sadly bringing up the rear with a measly 9% was the ladies choice, cuddly sumo wrestler Miyabiyama.

But Pointless Poll fans fear not. A quick look to your left will reveal an all-new and utterly meaningless survey. This one going by the decidedly unimaginative title of Most Disgusting Dessert. An endeavor that will surely broaden your horizons and stimulate your intellect.

Given the choice of whale, deep sea water, lettuce and potato, or shark fin ramen ice cream, which would you choose as the most disgusting dessert?

Vote away!

Z for zillions

Zillions being the number of times (give or take a few) that I’ve been presumed to be an American. Whether it be a casual question along the lines of, Do you have those in America?, or around the holiday period an attempted conversation starting, Are you going back to America?, my foreignness and Caucasian persuasion lead many Japanese to immediately assume I hail from the US.

Now whilst I have to admit it doesn’t take much time (or indeed effort) to set them straight, it can get a little annoying at times. And considering that I dress the English way when I go to work, how on earth can this mistake continue to be made?


Ok, admittedly I don’t always go to such elaborate lengths when getting ready for work, but I do occasionally make the effort. Yeah alright, that’s not true either. Being caught walking the streets in a bowler hat and a newspaper tucked under my arm would leave me extremely embarrassed to say the least.

But I do possess sideburns. Surely a sign if ever there was one that I’m British.


Y for yamamba

Now I’ll admit that I’m no style guru. Give me a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers (oh, and some jeans I guess) and I’m more than happy. But even with my limited knowledge of style, I’m well aware that yamamba fashion is neither cool nor stylish. Take a look at them.


Yet as bizarre as they look, I do find them fascinating in a freakish kind of way. And whether you like it or not, they’ve certainly gone through a lot of trouble to achieve their desired look. The hours spent down at the tanning centre alone must measure in the hundreds.

Sadly though their numbers are slowly dwindling, and pretty soon they could well be extinct. So this may be your last chance to jump on the Yamamba bandwagon. I’ve already bought the white eye make-up and hair dye, but the only problem now is my pasty white skin…


X for Xbox

Microsoft’s first foray into console gaming might have been successful in other parts of the world, but in Japan the green and black machine has died a slow and agonizing death. Massive promotion and numerous price-cuts have done nothing to slow the consoles rapid fall.

Microsoft at least seem ready to accept defeat (for this generation of consoles anyway), and with very good reason too. It turns out the mighty PlayStation 2 has sold 48 units to every 1 Xbox. Now I’m no economist, but I’m guessing that’s not good for business.

Will the Xbox 2 fair any better? I guess that’s the question Xbox Japan must be asking. Lets be honest, it can’t do any worse. But personally I can’t se it doing that much better either. Time will tell…

W for wonder

The sense of wonder I still feel when I find myself in Shinjuku or Shibuya at night. The crowds, lights, sights, and sounds never cease to amaze me.

The film Blade Runner is often used as a way of describing Tokyo, and perhaps as far as Shinjuku and Shibuya are concerned, there is an element of truth there. I mean, just look.


And whether you want sushi, singing, sex, or salvation, the chances are if you try hard enough you’ll find what you are looking are. Although sex is probably the easiest option to take.