Room for a few more

Despite Japan’s declining birthrate, the government confirmed this week that Tokyo’s population has reached a record high of over 12 million. 12,378,974 to be exact.

Thankfully the city’s extensive train network should still be able handle the extra numbers. There’s still plenty of room to squeeze a few more in.

All Abooard!

Stating the obvious

“Men have an instinctive fear of sexual competition. Porn actresses with husbands or boyfriends are constantly clashing with them over this.”
Veteran porn star Mariko Kawana

You don’t say.

Is honesty really the best policy?

I think it’s probably fair to say that at some time or another we have all come across money that rightfully didn’t belong to us. Perhaps we found it on the street, or a shop assistant was kind enough to give us too much change.

Whilst it has to be said that such situations vary, personally speaking I’m never quite sure what to do. Keep it and treat myself, or do the supposedly right thing and hand it in. It also goes without saying that the depth of these feelings is very much dependent on the amount of money in question.

Now imagine if you can that you are a refuse collector. And just to make it even harder, Japanese. Give yourself a Japanese name if it makes it any easier. How about Ken for the boys, and Hiroko for the girls? All set now? Ok. One day you are working as normal, when you come across an ordinary looking bin bag. But inside is a cool 28,000,000 Yen (138,000 Pounds). All in crisp – and presumably untraceable – new 10,000 Yen notes. That’s an awful lot of money, and up to now only you know about it (and presumably the person who left it).

What do you do?

And before you make the decision, here is what that amount of money looks like when it’s invitingly laid out on a table.


Go on, admit it. You’d keep it wouldn’t you? Or at least some of it (like 20,000,000 perhaps!). Surely?

But not so the 60 year-old man who found that exact amount of money on Monday, in Saitama prefecture. He handed it in to the police. All of it!

I’ll admit there’s a lot to be said for being honest, but sometimes….

Kimono kitsch?

This picture was recently posted on the Mainichi Daily News webpage.


Now admittedly this photograph isn’t all that bad (or indeed very interesting), but for some reason I always feel awkward when I see gaijin in a kimono. Certainly a western gaijin anyway.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, or simply downright miserable, but for me a foreign face and a kimono are simply not the best combination. As outfits go, the kimono takes some beating, with its delicate beauty and ultra feminine style. But this somehow gets lost on a gaijin. Ending up looking more like a party costume than anything else. Which is a shame.

Having a whale of a time

Recently over 500 people took part in an event hosted by The society to Preserve the Tradition of Whale Eating. Presumably in a bid to maintain the traditional way of eating whale. Whatever that may be. In a curry? Or perhaps with pasta?

Yet despite the ban on whale hunting, the government affiliated Japanese research institute catches hundreds of whales every year as part of its research program.

To research the best sized steaks for take-away plastic containers perchance?

Hmm, it tastes whaley good

Step aside Tiger

Due to the history between the two nations, and the more recent worries of nuclear weapons, you wont be surprised to know that Kim Jong-Il is a popular topic on Japanese TV. And with North Korea’s illustrious leader celebrating his 62nd birthday just recently, the bouffanted one was treated to something akin to a TV special.

We were shown the usual pictures of mass celebrations, but more intriguing were a few biographical details that the presenter mentioned. Now we all know that Kim Jong-Il is prone to the occasional fib, but nobody is perfect. I think we’ve all been guilty of embellishing our CV now and again, or talking up a past performance.

Yet one so called fact was a little too hard to swallow. According to government sources, Kim Jong-Il’s best round of golf was a mind boggling 34. That’s 38-under-par. And in the same round he managed 5 hole-in-ones! If that wasn’t enough, supposedly it was his first ever game too.

The thing is, if it is actually true, what on earth is he doing troubling himself with all the problems involved in running a poverty stricken country? With a talent like that, he could make an absolute fortune on the PGA Tour. He’d certainly give that young upstart Tiger Woods a run for his money.

No silly golfing slacks for Kim “hot shot” Jong-Il