Odd foreign mannequins in a faded Japanese fashion shop

In older parts of Tokyo, and especially out of the city itself, faded fashion shops are far more common than any big brand stockist. Businesses that are stuck in the past both in the clothes they sell, and the kinds of customers they occasionally attract.

This particular place, however, made up for any lack of visitors with the odd addition of some similarly odd foreign mannequins.

Japanese foreign mannequin

Figures that while definitely on the disturbing side, at the same time draw you in. Tempting you deeper and deeper into the shop’s deceptively large interior.

Japanese foreign mannequin

All of which is perfectly safe of course, provided you don’t blink.

Japanese foreign mannequin

An old Tokyo bar and its even older owner

Away from the bright lights and busy streets, Tokyo boasts a huge number of local bars, many of which are run by senior citizens. Fascinating, often grubby little places that are filled with as much character as their unflagging and friendly hosts.

And this small bar and eatery is no different, along with the added bonus of a design that blurs the ideas of inside and outside.

old Tokyo bar and its old owner

But age can, at times, catch up. And with all the serving and cooking that had to be done, the master began to visibly wilt.

old Tokyo bar and its old owner

Determined not to be defeated, however, he sneaked in a few naps during the occasional downtime.

old Tokyo bar and its old owner

Resulting in him still going strong when we were looking at getting the last train.

Tsukiji fish market pride

The sprawling, slightly ramshackle Tsukiji fish market is a place packed full of character, and characters. But, for better or worse, come November 2016 it will cease to exist, at least at its current address — the controversial re-location to Toyosu having been finally approved.

How the move will affect business, in particular the market stalls and restaurants located next to it, remains to be seen, but presumably what won’t be dented is the obvious pride of the people who work there.

Tsukiji fish market Tokyo